I read the book ‘The Soul Of Money’ by Lynne Twist not so long ago. It was recommended to me when I had my first Akashic records reading. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend this book, especially if you have a lifelong story around money and sufficiency. 

There’s a sentence in the book that just grabbed me by my heartstrings immediately. In the chapter, she describes a moment where she is in Ethiopia for The Hunger Project meeting with several older women of a rural community who are living in very unforgiving circumstances.

This circle of women had a dream. They wanted to support themselves and their community by building a tea house to offer refreshments to travellers long the route. They had the idea and already laid the foundation of the structure for the building but needed money and support to continue. 

The Hunger Project provided the financial support to these women and they were able to get their business off the ground through this collaboration.

This was Lynne’s realisation when she saw the dream be brought to fruition:

‘We were all just women putting in our piece of a larger picture to make something extraordinary and important happen.’ 

It made me think about why I do what I do. I deeply believe in the amazing work my clients do and the difference it makes in the world. 

Reaching further and having a greater impact causes massive ripple effects in the communities.

I want to help make it easier for you to grow, so the net can cast wider and more people can be helped because your gifts are so needed in the world.

It’s my piece to put in the larger picture. 

What’s your piece? 

PS: This is what the book looks like. I added so many page markers, highlighted passages and dog-eared pages. I generally keep my books in pristine condition but I couldn’t help myself with this one.