…when the sliding door to exit is right there.

About 5 years ago, I went on a girl’s weekend to Barcelona. We had a blast! The weather was wonderful, we stayed in an amazing hotel in a beautiful area, caught up with friends in fancy bars. You get the gist, it was fa-bu-lous. I sashay’d La Rambla like Cindy Crawford worked a catwalk in the nineties.

On our last day, we enjoyed lunch in the sunshine, overlooking the water and the chilled rose was going down a treat. Admittedly, we probably should have stopped at 1 bottle but the Espresso Martinis were to die for too, so we ordered more than a few of those.

Fast forward to the moment where I was in our hotel bathroom in the early evening and I could not find the exit. I tried where I thought the door was, but came up short because there was no door handle anywhere. My foggy brain instructed me to find the trapdoor to get me the hell out. I ended up having to be rescued by my friend who, just like that, slid that magnificent, milk-glass door open on its smooth rails like Ali Baba opening the cave when he said the words ‘Open Sesame’.

We still laugh about it, especially my panicked call for help: ‘Pippy, I can’t find the way out…’

Disclaimer: That hilarious moment went along with a hangover so bad, I remembered it for years to come & nearly missed my flight home. Needless to say I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol for a while

This story got me thinking how sometimes we are so damn close to something, we can’t see the solution. It happens to me all the time and with my clients too. This is when we’re sober and not 5-deep into Espresso Martinis after downing a bottle of rose (very bad idea…).

A fresh pair of eyes over something you can’t seem to solve is perhaps exactly what you need. It can also save you on a lot of time and energy instead of insisting on doing it all yourself.

Generally, it’s paired with:

  • ‘How come I didn’t see/think of that?’
  • ‘It’s nearly hitting me in the face’

If something is not working quite right or you have no idea where to even begin to solve an issue within your business whether this is people-related or process/system-related, perhaps I can slide open the door for you?

An annoying or burning issue that keeps dragging on is like sand in your shoe. You can ignore, pretend it’s not there but you’ll always feel it. As you grow, these things grow with you so it’s best to nip in the bud.

If you’re ready to look at anything that is being held together by the proverbial ‘sticky-tape’, sign up for a call with me. I love to get to know you, your business and I, more than anything else, love to help.

Also, if you have a hilarious (cringe-worthy) story like mine above, I’d love to hear them.

Here’s to finding easy solutions!

PS: Here’s a little photo memory of that weekend. We managed to both bring our yellow dresses for our fancy night on the town.