It gets to a point where you can’t be an island anymore.

This was said to me years ago in a therapy session when I was terrified of stepping on the dating train again after being single for a while.

I believe the rest of the session went along the lines of us being naturally inclined to seek others out for safety and company. We’re herd creatures.

As an introvert who can spend days by herself and quite happily not see a soul, the island phrase just about makes me shed a tear (I may or may not also have been terrified of dating again).

I was also sad because the fantasy bubble burst of me lying on white sand under a palm tree drinking coconut water and getting all the vitamin D I could ever need for the rest of my days. *sigh*

What does my therapy session and sadness over having to leave my uninhabited island have to do with business?

Well, to scale beyond your wildest dreams, you’ll have to step off your island too.

If you have a) completely maxed out on available time to work with clients and do most of the behind-the-scenes stuff still by yourself and b) have not hired a team to help you out, I’m taking a wild guess here that you’re probably pretty exhausted trying to keep up with all the things. Am I right?

If you’re wanting to grow your business, the ‘one-woman-show’ performance will have to evolve to a ‘multiple-(wo)man-band’.**

For some, that can be a daunting task for a number of reasons. The main one I hear over and over again is that hiring people is scary. They’ve never managed people before or hired anyone and don’t really know where to start.

There’s nothing but good news here really, it’s not as hard as what you may have heard out there (I know, because I’ve heard the <horror> stories too) and you can learn all these skills.

It’s no harder than running a business and making it successful which you have already done.

If you’re working right on the edge of your capacities in energy, time & sanity, the love for your business may not be as full & strong anymore as what it was when you first started.

To scale, you need love for your business, space & freedom for yourself.

Space for you to evolve by taking a step back, take a breath, to allow your brain to roam again and come up with ideas.

Your business can be set up to provide you with more freedom than what you have now, make more money by serving more clients and allow you to step away from it because you know everything is taken care of.


Setting up smooth and extremely efficient systems and hiring your personal ‘unicorns’ so your business can function without you having your finger in all the pies (I know that those unicorns may be rare but they’re out there).

I’m committed to helping you set up a business that can scale and can run without you making every decision.

No overwhelm, no confusion & definitely no Hogward-esque spell to be uttered at the 3rd full moon of the year while dancing naked on a beach (if that’s your jam though then you do you). 

Clear trajectories, rinse and repeat narratives AND a knowledge on how to hire, onboard & manage team perfect for the task at hand is how it’s done (I can even teach you how to kindly fire those that are just not helping your business).

I have clear and simple ways to move you through the whole process and set you up for growth.

So, how committed are you to your goal this year?

What have you got to lose?

Are you ready to invest in your growth?

 I have 2 ways of working with me. If you want to have a quick check-in with me about 1 particular issue, my one-off, 1:1 Pulse-Check Sessions will be ideal. I’ll dial in all my problem-solving skills and set you up with a solution.

If you know you’re in this for the long haul and you need to do all the things from streamlining systems to hiring a team then my Scale With Joy 1:1 programme is ideal for you.

I’ll be by your side, walking you through everything and adapting all that I have to offer to your unique style.

 **Fellow introverts: the online business world does come with its amazing advantage you don’t necessarily require someone to sit with you in your office to help you out. Pfew!