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Hi, I’m Joyce.

I help business owners, like you, get you & your business ready to scale.

My clients are incredibly passionate, gifted and talented. Most of them have already achieved the ‘unthinkable’ but they’re still hungry for more:

  • Greater impact
  • Greater reach
  • Greater results
  • To make a BIGger difference in changing this world

They know what got them here won’t get them there (I believe that is some marketing jargon I’ve just thrown in 😉 ).  

I am an expert in getting you to see things clearly, to cut out the fluff! I have a knack for seeing the structure and a path forward where others don’t.

I am an absolute whizz at mapping out a strategy for your 12-months ahead. I also see where your thought process might be holding you back or if you don’t have the right people in the right seats within your business.

I’ll also call out if you still have your finger in too many pies. I get it, you like to know what’s going on but setting up the right foundation, a strong base for your business, you can take your finger out of them. A business you can actually walk away from, take a holiday and know that everything keeps turning and working? Magical.  

I have a wealth of experience & knowledge and I am here to share it with you!  

The journey to my own business. 

Having my own business was not always a dream of mine. I didn’t even know that would ever be a possibility for me. I definitely did not sprout from a background of thriving entrepreneurs and go-getters. 

As a child, I was timid and shy. I buried myself in books to escape the world around me which wasn’t always kind. It was safer for me to live in a dream world than to be present in the real world. I grew up in an environment that sprouted limiting beliefs and a fertile ground for all the fears you could possibly imagine. These limiting beliefs held me back throughout the years, especially in my professional life. 

A big dream 

I had a lifelong dream to become a fashion designer but found my dreams squashed when entering the fashion academy and being surrounded by brilliant teachers and budding designers who I considered to be far better than me. I funded most of my own studies and the combination of having to work to pay for my materials combined with the general feeling of not being good enough and my crippling perfectionism saw me drop out of college very quickly. 

A BIG move 

I grew up in Belgium and by the age of 18, I felt so trapped and stuck, I was desperate for a massive change, I needed to get out! So I decided to follow my then Australian boyfriend to Sydney, Australia at the tender age of 20. That’s where my very colourful career path unfolded. 

I had no real experience in the professional world. I found it difficult to figure out what I could do, especially being in a new country and adopting a new lifestyle (and learning Australian English – lots of frustrated tears). 

I worked a few different jobs including as a Personal Assistant and Executive Support to Project Management in the construction world. I was always interested in bettering myself so I took numerous courses but never did anything with these big plans I formed in my head. The fear of failing always had me in its grip. 

The common thread 

I felt frustration in most of the jobs I had, seeing how resources and time were wasted by the inefficiency in how the businesses operated and my suggestions to optimise and change things around were not received or outright ignored. 

I had a knack for seeing order in chaos and knowing what could be done to optimise and structure parts of the business and how the components fit together. 

It wasn’t until I moved back to Belgium when I turned 30 and got stuck in another frustrating job before things really started to shift within me. I knew I had to take a different path. 

I can’t say I changed this overnight. I put up with this frustrating environment for another 5 years! 

My frustration grew to immense proportions, seeing how things could be so much better but when I pushed for change, I had more push-back to keep everything the same.  

An even BIGger move 

It was during this time I discovered the world of online businesses and I was really intrigued. I decided after much hesitation that perhaps this could be for me?  

In the meantime, I also threw in a move back to Australia and knuckled down to get my business started.  

I honed it down and Joyce De Bakker – Virtual Assistant was born 

I tentatively ventured out in the world and offered every service under the sun not knowing what people out there really wanted. 

I had some extremely lucky breaks and a client who generously gave me a chance to discover a new world of the tech and software she used. 

I discovered I was great at setting up processes and systems for businesses and figuring out how the supporting tools worked. 

My new path 

I finally put all the skills I had learned throughout the years in my different jobs and courses to practice and utilise them daily now. 

I have morphed into a Business Consultant from my ‘Bambi-on-ice’ beginnings and haven’t looked back. 

The sheer joy I get from helping businesses grow and business owners achieve their wildest dreams is just amazing! 

I am so grateful for all my clients who have allowed me into their businesses and trusted me with their ‘babies’. 

Helping you achieve your ‘WHY’ is my mission. 

Making your life easier is definitely a part of that. Helping you map out ways to grow without giving up your freedom or your sanity is the goal!

My business today 

I love being in business, I love helping business owners make a difference in the world, I love what I do. I love knowing I have made a difference in someone’s life. 

The journey I have been on over the past 20 years has brought me to this point. I am so excited I kicked old beliefs to the curb, how I conquered fears and still grow every day. My business changes as I change and I am finding myself on a path I am very excited about. 

I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who have been on this journey and helped me, for the clients who put their trust in me.

My approach 

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. When we work 1:1, everything is custom prepared for you and your business. While I do have a framework to take you through, this is definitely not a template-handout mission to cut + paste.

No two people are ever the same, so how could I set you up with a cookie-cutter designed system that wouldn’t serve you? 

I combine my analytic skills & years of experience with my intuitive skills to find the right way for you.

 Some quirky things about me… 

I borrow my friend’s dogs all the time as I can’t have one of my own as yet. Perfect way to get my doggie-friendship fix. 

I love fast cars with powerful, roaring engines (& double exhausts). I feel so much joy and excitement driving these machines. It definitely is my happy place.

I am the houseplant whisperer. I have brought many a plant back from the dead (well near-dead) and all the plants in my house thrive and grow like crazy even during winter. I talk to them daily to tell them how beautiful they are to me. 

I have always dreamed of living close to the beach and I have finally made it happen. It was the right place at the right time and I was able to snap it up. I currently live in a leafy, beach-side suburb, Elwood, in Melbourne. 

I would love to hear from you! 

To know more about how I can help you create more ease and grace within your business, check out my Work With Me page or you can contact me (