Sharing your gift with the world was all you could think about, so you plucked up your courage and started your business.

As an Energy Healer, working with your clients and helping them heal and transform their lives lights you up. Knowing they are thriving is the biggest gift to you.

But all the behind the scenes tasks are dragging you down. You feel exhausted and it is seriously affecting the way you show up for your clients. You’re struggling to find a way that actually works for you. 

Perhaps you’re even slightly embarrassed to admit that all the tech-side of things is not really your strong side. Being organised and structured in your personal life might not be your strong suit either which makes it hard for you to get a rhythm happening to stay on top of the daily behind-the-scenes tasks.

You know what? You are not alone and I am here to help you.

Hi, I’m Joyce De Bakker.

I help energy healers, like you, set up processes and systems with the right tools to support you and your business.

My clients are incredibly gifted and talented. Sharing their gifts is exactly what this world needs right now but the sheer number of tasks to stay on top of has them caught in a state of constant stress and overwhelm. They know there must be a way to set up a process and flow that isn’t complicated, they just don’t know how to do it.

What lights me up is knowing I’ve helped them transcend from feeling exhausted and ready to give up on their business to feeling in control. 

The journey to my own business.

Having my own business was not always a dream of mine. To be honest, I didn’t even know that would ever be a possibility for me. I definitely don’t come from a background of thriving entrepreneurs and go-getter’s.

As a child I was timid and shy. I buried myself in books to escape the world around me which wasn’t always kind. It was safer for me to live in a dreamworld than to be present in the real world. I grew up in an environment that sprouted limiting beliefs and a fertile ground for all the fears you could possibly imagine. These limiting beliefs held me back throughout the years, especially in my professional life.

A big dream

I had a lifelong dream to become a fashion designer but found my dreams squashed when entering the fashion academy and being surrounded by brilliant teachers and budding designers who I thought were far better than me. I funded most of my own studies and the combination of having to work to pay for my materials combined with the general feeling of not being good enough and my crippling perfectionism saw me drop out of college very quickly.

A BIG move

I grew up in Belgium and by the age of 18, I felt so trapped and stuck, I was desperate for a massive change, I needed to get out! So I decided to follow my Australian boyfriend to Sydney, Australia at the tender age of 20. That’s where my very colourful career path unfolded.

I had no real experience in the professional world. I found it difficult to figure out what I could do, especially being in a new country and adopting a new lifestyle (and learning Australian English).

I worked a few different jobs including as a Personal Assistant and Executive Support. I was always interested in bettering myself so I took numerous courses I never did anything with these big plans. The fear of failing always had me in its grip.

The common thread

One common thread for me moving from position to position was boredom, knowing my skills were never completely utilised. After the initial period of getting to know a new job, I started to feel trapped, stuck in a little box handed to me by a job description with not much room to move.

Another reason was the frustration I felt seeing how resources and time were wasted by the inefficiency in how the businesses operated and my suggestions to optimise and change things around were not received or outright ignored.

I had a knack for seeing an order in chaos and knowing what could be done to optimise and structure parts of the business and how the components fit together.

It wasn’t until I moved back to Belgium when I turned 30 and got stuck in another frustrating job within a very male-dominated industry that some things really started to shift within me. I knew I had to take a different path or I would die a very slow death.

I can’t say I changed this overnight. I put up with this frustrating environment for another 5 years!

My frustration grew to immense proportions, seeing how things could be so much better but when I pushed for change, I had more pushback to keep everything the same. It wasn’t until a man was hired by the company to optimise their results and I watched him use all my ideas to push through change (and subsequently be treated like a hero) that I finally cracked.

An even BIGger move

I resigned and in the next few months decided to move back to Australia. In the couple of years leading up to my resignation, I discovered the world of online businesses. This had sparked something within, I knew I had uncovered something special.

I honed it down and Joyce De Bakker – Virtual Assistant was born

I tentatively ventured out in the world and offered every service under the sun not knowing what people out there really wanted.

I had some extremely lucky breaks and a client who generously gave me a chance to discover a new world of the tech and software she used.

I discovered I was great at setting up processes and systems for businesses and figuring out how the supporting tools worked.

My new path

I finally got to put all the skills I had learned throughout the years in my different jobs and courses to practice and utilise them daily now. My personal interest in holistic healing and therapies saw me working with these women more and more too. 

I have a strong belief that the incredible gifts they have are so needed in the world and I noticed these women were the ones who struggled most with finding a way to keep on top of their to-do lists and to find the right tools for them to use.

I am now a Holistic Productivity Coach working with energy healers and spiritual coaches to help them set up processes and systems that truly work for them with the right tools to support this.

What I love most about what I do is helping women like you go from overwhelm, frustration and feeling out of control to a spacious place where they feel on top of it all and know your business system supports you.

It’s my mission in life to make running a business as easy as possible for the energy healers, the lightworkers, the spiritual coaches in this world so they can help more people heal and change their lives around, conquer their fears and create better lives for themselves. I know the effects of having this work done as I have experienced it myself. It is powerful!

My business today

I love being in business, I love helping women, I love what I do. I love knowing I have made a difference in someone’s life.

The journey I have been on over the past 20 years has brought me to this point. I am so excited I kicked old beliefs to the curb, how I conquered fears, up levelled my life and still grow every day. My business changes as I change and I am finding myself on a path I am very excited about.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who have been on this journey and helped me, for the clients who put their trust in me.

My clients include:

  • Hypnotherapists
  • Mindset coaches
  • Rapid Transformational Therapist
  • Spiritual Healers
  • Kinesiologists
  • EFT Therapists
  • Artists

My approach

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. I custom design your process, your systems and handpick the tools that will best support you as a unique woman in business.

No two people are ever the same, so how could I set you up with a cookie cutter designed system that wouldn’t serve you?

I combine my analytic skills & years of experience with my intuitive skills to find the right way for you.

I would love to hear from you!

To know more about how I can help you create more ease and grace within your business, check out my Work With Me page or you can contact me (