Are you a coach, therapist or healer over 40?

Did you start your business with a hunger in your heart and a fire in your belly to change the world by changing people’s lives?


Now you’ve mastered the way you bring your offer to the world, you’re thinking about growing your business to the next level so you can create an even bigger impact in the world. The ‘how’ escapes you when thinking about this.

It’s no option to put in more hours, more effort or more personal resources or bring in more team members because God only knows how you’d be able to manage all that without burning yourself out in the process.

You don’t want to lose the personal touch you have with your clientele either because, after all, they come to you for your expertise.

Are you left wondering how other business owners have managed it while also cutting back on the hours they spend working on or in their business?

Are you ready to finally settle into the life you have envisioned for yourself and bring the ultimate ‘why’ you started your business into your reality?

It’s clear that the strategies that got you to this point will not work to go beyond the level you are at right now. Change will have to happen at a much deeper and wider level and it is something you can’t quite grasp (as yet…).

How do you create sustainable growth without losing your personal touch?

How will your business be able to support the changes needed to hit your next big goal?

You’ve been at it alone for a while now and while that has worked amazingly (the proof’s in the pudding, right?) your business set up will have to adapt to accommodate the growth you want.

Imagine this:

  • Fewer hours spent working each week and more time spent on the things that truly matter to you
  • Team members who have your back and execute the necessary things without you micro-managing
  • Everyone is on the same page as you and just as excited to bring your BIG vision into reality
  • Life-changing transformations for your clients on a much larger scale

Now imagine this without feeling the anxiety over the thought you’ll have to work more hours, without you putting in the extra effort and personal resources, without you dealing with ALL the things.

How does that feel?

Can you imagine this? Does that excite you?

It excites me!

You know what else excites me?

Seeing my clients grow and thrive. Seeing their big goals come to fruition. Seeing them work less and have more freedom to do what they love, whatever that may be.

This is without a doubt one of the best feelings and it’s a big part of my ‘why’!